Advantages of living in the centre of Alicante

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In the heart of the Costa Blanca, overlooking the Mediterranean, Alicante, a city full of life and light, basks in the sun. Behind it, the mountains complete this marvellous landscape, which offers us the possibility of enjoying the mountains and the sea in the same environment. Nothing better for nature lovers, who find in this Valencian city a real paradise in which to live.

Alicante fuses cultural and historical richness with the modernity of its new areas and the cosmopolitanism of its people. So, whether you choose to live in the old town or in the outskirts, it will be a fantastic experience. What's more, it's easy now, because we have new building developments all over the city, among them, some beautiful flats for sale in Alicante centre.

Choosing where you want to live is a very important decision that will influence your daily life. It is essential to think about it very carefully. What is clear is that having a home in the heart of the city is a great advantage. And you... haven't you ever dreamt of enjoying the advantages of the flats in the centre of AlicanteDo you know the keys to its success?

It is a quiet but atmospheric area

Unlike the historic centres of other cities, the heart of Alicante is a fairly quiet area. Living here is easy take a leisurely stroll through the old town or any of its adjacent streets.

But despite its tranquillity, it is also one of the liveliest areas. During the day, the terraces are full of cafés with churros and snacks. At night, it is one of the best places to go for a drink or dinner in an endless number of places where you can enjoy Mediterranean or international gastronomy. The Portal de Elche, Gabriel Miró square, the Rambla or the streets Castaños and San Francisco have a magnificent offer of nightlife any day of the week.

And very close by, in the vicinity of the Central Market, is the so-called The Wood Route with several concert halls for rock lovers. It is also the ideal area for enjoy what is known as tardeowhich takes place throughout the city centre on weekend afternoons.

It stands out as the most important commercial hub

A huge variety of shops and all types of establishments dot the centre of Alicante. You don't need to go anywhere else to buy anything you need because when you go down to the street you can find absolutely everything. And, of course, there are also shops that offer a lot of range of servicesIt makes life so much easier.

It is very close to museums and cultural centres

If you opt for the flats in the centre of Alicanteyou will be able to have a great historical heritage close to your home and enjoy the most of the cultural offerings. The Teatro Principal, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Fine Arts are some of the city's must-see places that are just a stone's throw away.

You will need less use of transport

In Alicante the distances are not long and walking distance from the city centre to many parts of the city. But it also has a network of transport public The city centre is well connected to all the main points of the city, as well as a taxi service always available from this area.

The best parties just a stone's throw from home

Living in the centre, you will always be close to the traditional festivities. Easter Week, the Bonfires of San Juan, the Carnival, the Moors and Christians festival... You won't have to take your vehicle to enjoy each of the city's festivals, which you can reach on foot in comfort.


It is clear that in order to choose the flats in the centre of Alicante There are plenty of reasons, aren't there? Well, don't think twice and take a look at the new Immosol promotions, you'll see what a success for you and your family.


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