This year more than ever tourism needs a boost and the best beaches of Alicante are still waiting for you to enjoy the summer. Travelling resp held respaware is necessary in these times, but it can be done!

To do this, you only have to follow the safety rules, comply with the social distance and discover the best beaches of Alicante city or even its province to enjoy the sun and the outdoors that it makes us so much. Prepared? Get the bag out, we’re leaving!

Recommendations on the beaches of Alicante

To date, it is not necessary to book a plot or rent it on the beaches of Alicante, but it is necessary to leave the safety distance between groups of people, which will be 2 meters away both in sand, queues for WC, queues of entry and exit of the beaches, for the walkways, WC and even inside the water.

It is mandatory to use footwear until you reach the sand, both on access or exit walkways, promenade, foot wash or bathrooms.

Another of the peculiarities is that you will not be able to plant the umbrella near the water because it will leave a distance of 10 meters between water and first line so that people who want to walk can also do so with total safety. You can’t play with balls, paddles or other objects in this space either.

At any time,the rules indicated from the public address or security agents who will be monitoring in the area that security measures are met so that everyone is safe and enjoyed.

However, we recommend that before you move you to consult with the official pages of the different localities, for example of the town halls, to know in depth the security measures that will be taken on the best beaches of Alicante before COVID-19.

Best beaches in Alicante to enjoy

In this small tour of recommendations that we want to make you will have beaches enjoy alone, as a couple, with family or with friends and you will find your perfect place and enjoy the purest Mediterranean lifestyle.

1. San Juan Beach

It is one of the best beaches for several reasons: proximity to the city, transport, length of almost 3 kilometers, clear sand and quiet beach. Yes there is usually a lot of people, but everyone agrees that even so it is a quiet beach.

In this way, it automatically becomes one of the best beaches in Alicante to enjoy with whomever you want because you will find a diverse audience at the same time as quiet.

2. The Postiguet

If we goa little further south we find another of the favorite corners for many families, The Postiguet Beach. Quiet water andfine sandis perfect to enjoy a day of sunshine, but don’t forget the protective cream.

You also have many surrounding placesto enjoy the best dishes of the area or even other places in the world thanks to the diversity you will find in the area of the best beaches of Alicante.

3. La Albufereta

Smaller than the other two mentioned is still a perfect place for bathing in the city. 400 meters of golden sand beach are enough to realize the beauty of the area.

As a peculiarity of the area, very close to the shore there is an underwater deposit, with a sunken ship from the Roman era. This gives a good account of the cultural richness of the area and the amount of things you can discover in Alicante away from the sand of its beaches, even within the sea!

4. Urbanova Beach

Another of the best beaches in Alicante by proximity and extension would be Urbanova. Perfect also to go with family, with lifeguard services and also other nearby places is perfect for a pleasant day.

However, if you don’t mind getting around, you can still discover in the area a lot of small coves, some rocky, where you can enjoy walks, photo shoots or a somewhat more private bath.

However, the beaches of Orihuela or also the best beaches of Torrevieja are waiting for you. This area is perfect to enjoy a holiday that meets expectations.

But Alicante not only has life on vacation, because of climate and lifestyle it is a perfect place to move or have the second residence. Do you want to live this area as you deserve? Contact our real estate on the Costa Blanca in Alicante in and enjoy a house at the height of your dreams in a luxury setting.