In principle, San Juan was a pagan feast coinciding with the summer solstice, which encouraged to celebrate the harvest. Later this tradition was absorbed by Christianity, as it indicates that San Juan Bautista was born on June 24th. Either way, the truth is that this date is one of the celebrations marked on the calendar of many people.

Although we have the concept that the festivity of San Juan is something of the Spanish tradition, the reality is that it is celebrated in a habitual way throughout the world, like for example in Puerto Rico, Argentina, United Kingdom or Norway and in each place with its own history or T Radición.

In Alicante, the farmers celebrated the arrival of the longest day of the year with the Solstice of summer and year after year it was extended until being named festivals of international tourist interest and well of intangible Cultural interest. Do you want to know what makes San Juan’s bonfires so special on the Costa Blanca?

A night of union with loved ones

Perhaps one of the best things about this holiday is meeting with loved ones on such a special day. Groups of families and friends fill the beaches of the different locations to enjoy together the bonfires of San Juan on the Costa Blanca.

Of course, in a night full of magic, good wishes and joy we all like to be surrounded by the people we love the most to celebrate together the burning of all the harmful in our lives.

Fire as the main element

The tradition on the night of the bonfires of San Juan on the Costa Blanca is to gather around a bonfire. Not only because of the importance of this in the culture of the Costa Blanca, but because the fire has always had a purifying nuance.

For this reason, the people gathered often burn papers, in which they write what they want to leave behind or their bad desires, or even old objects that symbolize everything they want to do without in their lives.

Another of the traditions is to jump a bonfire, because the belief indicates that in this way when passing between the flames all the damaging is burned and that our desires will be fulfilled.

Water as a second element

In the same way as fire, water from the sea is considered as another purifying element. Thanks to the wonderful beaches of the Costa Blanca, with the arrival at midnight, many people come to the shore to jump 7 waves, although depending on the place can be 9.

Fire Monuments

One of the great peculiarities that the bonfires of San Juan have in the Costa Blanca is the construction of fogueriles monuments. You still don’t know what they are?

Similar to the ninots, these stone cardboard constructions are made exclusively for this date. Arrival the Plantá, stands the monument, which can be admired by all those who visit the area these days, and also by members of the jury who will appreciate things like the singularity and the finish of the monument, to finally award the prizes. These cultural activities have become a great claim and ensure a wide variety of activities in areas such as Orihuela Costa.

If you want to enjoy the fire monuments on the Costa Blanca, we advise you to make sure when is the Cremá, night in which all these sculptures will be turned on to form beautiful bonfires and fill the place with magic. You shouldn’t miss it!

The beat of gunpowder

It is also customary that during the bonfires of San Juan on the Costa Blanca you can enjoy different pyrotechnic shows so deeply rooted in the area. The mixture of the smell of gunpowder and the beating of the explosions in our body is a unique sensation that everyone should enjoy at least once in a lifetime.

In places like the Cala de Finestrat, while you are meeting with your loved ones on the beach, you can enjoy fireworks shows and music that will delight everyone here.

Of course, tonight is celebrated in many places around the world, but nowhere is lived as much as on the Costa Blanca. Imagine being able to enjoy all the passion of the bonfires of San Juan on the Costa Blanca in your villa in Orihuela Costa. It would be a double evening of magic!