Are you thinking of making a getaway during the holidays? Can’t find the right place or plans? If you want to go to the perfect place, today we are going to tell you what you can do at Christmas in Alicante, you will not seek more destinations! Imagine being surrounded by friendly people, the best Mediterranean food and also enjoying an enviable temperature, now add have always something interesting to do. Doesn’t that sound perfect? You know 5 activities that you can not miss in Alicante, now you just need to add all the plans you can do during the months of December and January. Do you sign up to spend Christmas in Alicante?

Visit the Bethlehem

One of the first things you can visit is the Bethlehem that is mounted in the city Council of Alicante. It is one of the most beautiful traditions of these dates. Riding birth as a family is a very nice activity, especially if there are children, because they enjoy it more than anyone. To start having fun with Christmas in Alicante we recommend you start with something so characteristic of these dates, regardless of whether it is with children or without them. You will be able to look at all the elements that form in this beautiful birth, like the portal, the shepherds, the castle of Herod, the Magi… all with maximum detail!

Ice Rink

If you prefer an activity with more movement we recommend that you visit the ice rink that is mounted in the bullring of the city. It is a very fun and original activity that can not always be done, so it is an opportunity that you can not miss during this Christmas in Alicante. Whether you go alone, as a couple or as a family ice skating is something that everyone can enjoy. Once you catch the trick it is very easy to do, so you won’t have to worry.

Go see Santa Claus

Have you been good this year? We hope so, because Santa Claus is going to spend a few days at Christmas in Alicante and you can take advantage of asking for some other gift if you are there. How about going to visit him? It is one of the most fun activities to do with the little ones of the house. The house that has been conditioned for such illustrious visit is next to the bullring, so in one day you can do two by one: Ice rink and see Santa Claus. In addition, as Christmas in Alicante is very special for children, you can also enjoy some children’s attractions when visiting Santa. You’ll have a great one!

Sport during Christmas in Alicante

San Silvestre

Are you a sportsman? Then you can not miss the most Christmas race, a tradition in almost all Spanish towns, the San Silvestre! This solidarity activity does not only require a little physical preparation on your part, it would also be a good idea for the Christmas spirit to invade you and decorate your normal running look a bit, don’t you think? You see, if you want to enjoy the healthiest and funniest Christmas in Alicante, you can too!

Christmas Cruise

If you are more of water than of land, this year will also celebrate the traditional voyage in open water in Alicante. For this we recommend that you use a neoprene and do not catch cold, we do not want to get sick during Christmas in Alicante! If you want to add another complement to your dress, we will be happy to see it!

Year End Celebration

A great way to end the year enjoying Christmas in Alicante in a traditional way is with a New Year’s Eve. Gunpowder, fire and Magic are some of the charms of this part of Spain and to enjoy them is a luxury. You can find the new Year’s party that best suits your tastes or stay resting, but what you can not miss is the Mascletá to be held on 31 noon.

Cavalcade of Kings, the climax to Christmas in Alicante

And as a golden brooch to a dream Christmas in Alicante, you have to go to visit the Cavalcade of the Magi! It is one of the nights of the year that we live with more enthusiasm, especially the kids. Prepare your reflections to catch all the candies you can and enjoy the beautiful carriages and spectacles that are prepared by their Majesties of the Orient. If you have been good, we hope you leave many things, but remember to tell them that you are spending Christmas in Alicante. If you have behaved in an exceptional way you can try your luck and ask for the next year one of the apartments in Alicante of,  what do you think?