Summer is a time of year that we all always hope with enthusiasm. The holidays and the good weather come from the hand, inviting year after year to find new destinations where we can relax and rest. We have worked for months and it is time to spend some time for us!

It is for this reason that we want to share with you a destination that we think is highly recommended when planning the long-awaited holidays. We refer to the Costa Blanca, name that receives a part of the Mediterranean Sea, which bathes the area of Alicante and which includes from Denia to Pilar de la Horadada.

Why spend your holidays on the Costa Blanca?

1. The Night

It does not matter if you are a lover of the quiet plans or the long party, since in this area of the Spanish coastline there are first class activities and for all tastes. The night life has a magical taste, accompanied by the pleasing chords that the sea orchestra and the lights that gently cover the cities.

Renowned restaurants for those who enjoy a good dinner as well as all the tranquility you need to take a walk before you go to rest. On the other hand, the coastal area also has a wide range of bars and entertainment places, so you will not be helpless in any case.

2. Dream Landscapes

One of the elements that attract the most attention in the south of Spain, is the pleasant time that tends to have compared with other places of Europe. In the Costa Blanca, this is complemented by a dreamy environment, where we can appreciate the deep blue of the sea dance in perfect synchrony with the white facades.

If you are one of the people who enjoys a quiet and charming environment, it may be a good idea to find the villa in Orihuela Costa de perfect for you. Now you’re really going to enjoy your holiday on the Costa Blanca!

3. Gourmet Food Wine and tapas

Enjoying a good meal is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Of course, during your holiday on the Costa Blanca, you will have a great variety of gastronomic offer, whose main protagonists are tapas and tasty Southern wine.

These typical products of the Mediterranean area have a great reputation at international level, being able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

If you are a lover of haute cuisine or want to encourage a taste, you can also find restaurants of the highest reputation. The Costa Blanca has the fortune to have nine Michelin stars spread out along its bay, being a very striking element and that speaks very well of the gastronomic tradition of the area.

4. Crafts

One of the elements that draws the most attention when it comes to touring the flea markets and shops of the Costa Blanca, is the large quantity of jewellery and handicraft products that can be found in them.

This is because this area is the cradle of many artisans, who develop their skills and transform their passion for manual work in their way of life. Don’t miss it!