The Mediterranean lifestyle that awaits you in Alicante

It is clear that talking about the Mediterranean lifestyle is much more than just talking about its popular diet. And the fact is that it is known all over the world that something extraordinary happens in the localities of this area. It seems that the mild temperatures that the sea gives them, together with the sunlight that shines relentlessly, make them live in a different way. An irresistible way of life that is so desirable that it makes many people want to living in AlicanteA privileged enclave dotted by the waves of a Mediterranean full of magic that gives life to everything it touches on the Costa Blanca.

If you would like to experience for yourself all the advantages of the Mediterranean lifestylefor more information on the flats for sale in Alicante centre and enjoy living in one of the best areas of the city.

Would you like to know a little more about this way of looking at the world? Surely there are curiosities that you don't know yet, here are some of them!

A little history on the origins of the Mediterranean lifestyle

The Mediterranean Sea has always had a strong influence on the peoples who have inhabited its shores and has been a link between them. Over the centuries, the traditions and the special way of life of the Iberians, Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs have been passed down from generation to generation in an amalgam that took the best of each culture, giving rise to an idiosyncrasy that commitment to the "good lifeto a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Particularities which make the Mediterranean way of life special

The Mediterranean lifestyle is, above all, a way of seeing life, a philosophy that is marked by the characteristics of its land and its people.


There is no doubt that the weather plays a fundamental role in people's moods. There is no doubt that the climate plays a fundamental role in people's moods. The Mediterranean influences the mild winter temperatures and warm summer daysThe sunny days are the most sunny days of the year, which fill us with energy and positivity. And so it is in Alicante, a city with a lot of light that leaves behind the melancholy of grey days. In addition, the sun allows us to be outdoors all year round and helps us to be more active.


Having the sea nearby is a real treasure. Relaxing walks on the beach, therapeutic baths in the salt water and endless possibilities for water sports are real everyday pleasures.

Alicante is the ideal destination for water sports and for this reason there are many companies that offer this type of service: kayak or jet ski hire, surfing, scuba diving, sailing...


The Mediterranean is not only limited to the sea. It is also the land, the crops, the mountains, the river mouths and the nature that grows around it.

Thanks to the union of the orchard, the mountains and the seaAlicante has so many wonderful landscapes that there is always something to enjoy with family or friends.


There is no one who is not familiar with the Mediterranean diet, one of the most applauded diets in the world. It is a mixture of agricultural foods typical of this climate, which are considered to be among the best for our health.

In 2018, the first competition will be held for the first time Alicante Gastronomya meeting that will promote the Mediterranean lifestyle making known their multiple benefits.

Character of the people

In general, it highlights the openness Mediterranean people, always hospitable and welcoming. They are people who want to make the most of every day, who like to share a table and a chat, activities in nature and social life.

Festivals and traditions

And as a result of this sharing and social interaction, festivals are developed, bringing people together to enjoy the streets.

At Alicante festivities invade every corner of the city. The biggest of all, the bonfires of San Juan, where the fire burns cardboard and wooden monuments distributed throughout all the neighbourhoods. There is also Carnival, Easter Week, the Moors and Christians Festival, the May Crosses, the Festival of the Patron Saint Nicholas and many others that delight young and old alike.

Come and meet the flats in Alicante city centre and take the opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyleYou're sure to fall in love with it!

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