When we start planning a vacation the first thing that occupies our mind is choosing the destination. Perhaps this first step is the most difficult, because we want that place has a mixture of special characteristics, that makes us live magical moments in our time of rest.

Orihuela Costa is one of the places in Spain that best fits with what we want for our holiday period, either by the Mediterranean lifestyle or by its pleasant climate. Still don’t know what he’s offering you?

Orihuela Costa: Sun-drenched

Having spent hours and hours at work, usually inside an office, one of the things we feel like on vacation is enjoying the sun. Orihuela Costa, with its pleasant climate, presents itself as your great choice.

During the winter it has average temperatures of about 11 degrees Celsius, something unthinkable for many cities in our geography. In the summer, temperatures tend to be around 30 degrees, ideal to enjoy a great day at the beach!

Do you have a week’s rest in the spring? In the fall? Never mind, the pleasant Mediterranean climate of Orihuela Costa makes it the best option to enjoy a holiday, regardless of the month you want to go!

Orihuela Costa: A monumental place

In addition to enjoying beach days, something that attracts us to do on holiday is to enjoy the cultural heritage of a place. Sometimes when we travel to a coastal area, if this does not have many places to visit, we end up bored or think that the area is not pretty. Forget about that worry in Orihuela Costa!

Strolling through the historic town of this city is a luxury for the senses. You can find churches with traditional architecture or modernist style buildings that can satisfy the diverse tastes of all pedestrians.

One of the recommended walks is to the castle of Orihuela, in the Monte de San Miguel, to be able to observe the remains of this visigoth period castle and the views that this beautiful geographical area offers you.

Beaches for all tastes in Orihuela Costa

When we enjoy a well-deserved vacation, as we like to be able to choose between different leisure options and free time, it is good to be able to choose between different types of beaches. If you add that they are of high quality, Orihuela Costa is your ideal destination!

You can find areas with a higher life of leisure to enjoy the best holiday environment. If you prefer to enjoy in quiet of a few hours of beach, in Orihuela you have less traveled areas and small coves ideal for your moments of relax.

The best diet and Mediterranean life Orihuela Costa

Eating during the holidays can sometimes turn into a hell, especially if the little ones in the house are present. There is nothing better than finding a good deal of restaurants and various beach bars that, in addition to providing the food, prepare it in an excellent way.

In Orihuela Costa, thanks to the traditional Mediterranean cuisine, you will not find any problem when sitting at the table, you can taste exquisite dishes that will also delight the children. What better than enjoying the food of an area to live it to the fullest!

If you are not convinced with the food, wait to know the affable character of the people. Because they are always willing to offer the best of them and their land, you will be able to make the most of your holiday in Orihuela.

Good weather all year round, wide cultural and leisure offer, beaches for all tastes, Mediterranean diet and hospitable people are the keys that make most people decide for a villa in Orihuela Costa de immosol.com. If you enjoy a holiday there is Marvel, imagine doing it all year!