The Costa Blanca is one of the most popular destinations in Spain to spend the summer. Whether they are foreign tourists or residents of other parts of the country, the charms of this area continually captivate visitors and many have already transformed in custom their visits to this stretch of coastline.

There are a number of places to visit on the Costa Blanca on your holiday and that is why we wanted to carry out a selection of your most attractive spots. This way, you can get a better idea of the benefits that this area offers and start planning your well-deserved vacations better.

Pay attention to the following places and take note of those that best fit your expectations for this summer.

1. Orihuela

Orihuela is a destination with increasing popularity and that year after year it receives more visitors. Of course, the first and most important to highlight are its beautiful beaches, whose variety of allows both the bathroom and the development of water sports.

Another of the most important aspects of this area are its innumerable traditional buildings. The castle of Orihuela is one of the most noteworthy elements, since its location allows us to find the best views of the sector. In addition, there are many churches and temples that complement the tranquility of Orihuela in a very good way.

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2. Torrevieja

Among the many places to visit in the Costa Blanca, Torrevieja has one of the most notable charms. It has a great variety of beaches and coves, in which you will be able to enjoy the most yearned for all the holidaymakers: sand and sea.

As if it were not enough, this city stands out for its beauty and its traditional aesthetics, complemented majestically by its extensive repertoire of churches of the eighteenth century. Some of these are a must see, for example the Archpriestal of the Immaculate Conception.

3. Benidorm

Benidorn is possibly the most famous destination in the Costa Blanca and has countless reasons to witness, even once, its beautiful landscapes. In this city you will find activities for all tastes, starting with the different trekking routes available to visitors.

During the day you can choose between a large number of beaches and coves to relax in, as well as different recreational activities for adults and children. In case you like more night outings, Benidorm has a wide repertoire of bars and nightclubs that will surely encourage you to give everything.

Finally, we would like to recommend that you visit the Mediterranean balcony, a viewpoint that offers wonderful views of the entire coastal area. Remember to review the different offers that Immosol has for you, in which you will be sure to find your ideal home.

4. Alicante

One of the many places to visit in the Costa Blanca is, without a doubt, the city of Alicante. It has huge stretches of beach, a sun that never leaves you and a gastronomic offer of rice that falls in love with anyone. The city stands out for its old town, which keeps a number of stories and important moments of the Spanish territory.

El Postiguet beach is one of the destinations that you can not miss if you have the opportunity to walk in this area. It is an iconic place in the province and has a very charming seafront promenade. He’ll love the whole family!

5. Calpe

Calpe is one of the most urgent visits on the Costa Blanca. The tranquility and beauty of this city is crowned by the imposing presence of the Peñon d’Ifach, whose particular conformation unleashes the astonishment of anyone. If you are lively and like outdoor activities, making the route of this rock will be a very rewarding activity.

Moreover, it is also necessary to highlight the large number of beaches with which it counts and the rich gastronomic offer that you find in the city. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places to spend a quiet summer and with all the comforts you require!