Alicante is one of the few cities in the world that is as liveable as it offers everything a city needs. This city on the Costa Blanca is a place of beauty and quality of life. Alicante is known for its unique climate, delicious cuisine, monuments and cultural wealth — the perfect place to relax. Life in Alicante is so unique thanks to the low pollution, the sunny days, the sea air and the scent of orange blossoms in their streets. And finally, who can resist the beauty of the beaches and the historic centre?

Discover our list of 10 reasons why Alicante is the perfect city to live:

1. A sunny climate all year long

Thanks to its geographical position, in the south of Europe and its beaches, Alicante offers very sunny days, which makes living in Alicante very pleasant. Its climate is generally temperate and dry during the summer. This time of year is perfect for enjoying the coast and the good weather to practice your favourite outdoor sports. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Alicante has one of the healthiest climates. The average annual temperature is 18ºC and only counts 20 rainy days. During the winter, the temperatures are very mild thanks to the protection offered by the mountains and the proximity to the sea.

2. A rich heritage

Within Alicante, you can admire the traces of the different peoples who lived in Alicante: the Iberians, the Romans and the Arabs. The architectural and cultural heritage is a true legacy of the historical peoples of Alicante. The historic centre of Alicante is a true stronghold of culture thanks to its multitude of interesting museums.

3. Beautiful Beaches

The beaches of Alicante are large, not very deep and the water is crystal clear. The province is the most award-winning of the Blue Flag quality label. This award crowns beaches whose safety, water quality and range of services are unique.

4. A strong biodiversity

Near Alicante, you will find numerous natural parks, valleys and mountain sceneries. This extraordinary environment makes Alicante one of the regions with the greatest biodiversity in Spain

5. The fairs

Alicante is also known for its fairs and traditions, such as the well-known and most important festival in the region: St. John’s Day. During this festival will be held numerous theatre performances, musical shows and sports activities. And of course the highlight: the well-known St-John’s Fire and fireworks. Another festival you should not miss is the Feast of the Moors and Christians.

6. The Mediterranean gastronomy

The varied and healthy gastronomy of Alicante itself is a reason to stay. Their dishes are prepared with fresh fish and seafood, local fruits and vegetables. The rice of Alicante, prepared in different ways, is another dish that you should not miss.

7. A city of many cultures

20% of Alicante’s population is international, which means that more than 380,000 foreigners currently live in Alicante. The most widely represented nationalities are British, German, Dutch and Russian. In this way, Alicante not only allows you to immerse yourself in Spanish culture, but also to discover a variety of other cultures.

8. An exemplary Health Care System

Alicante has one of the largest offers of state and private health centres, whose prestige is internationally recognized. In this way, you can put your health in good hands.

9. An international education

Alicante province has more than 14 international schools offering bilingual education. In Alicante, you can find the King’s College Alicante and the French High School.

10. A unique environment

Not far from Alicante you can discover new places of relaxation, such as the Mediterranean, on the Balearic Islands or in the South of Spain, in Murcia and Andalusia.

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