It is certain that the Mediterranean lifestyle can not be reduced to its popular diet. All over the world, the Mediterranean coasts are renowned for their magic and the heavenly feeling they provide. It seems that the mild temperatures brought by the sea and the shining sun all year long make coastal cities of the Mediterranean a place where one lives differently. An irresistible and long-desired lifestyle that many people decide living in Alicante, a magical place immersed in the waves of the Mediterranean, giving life to the entire Costa Blanca.

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Want to know more about this way of seeing the world? Discover the points that make life in Spain, especially along the Méditerranean Coast, so special.

A bit of history on the origins of the Mediterranean lifestyle

The Mediterranean Sea has always had a great influence on the peoples who lived on its coasts and played the role of link between them. Over time, the traditions and peculiarities of the Iberian, Phoenician, Roman, Visigoth and Arab peoples have been passed down from generation to generation, combining the best of each culture. This gave birth to a temperament based on “pleasant life”, a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Particularities of the Mediterranean way of life

The Mediterranean lifestyle is above all a way of seeing life, a philosophy marked by its land and people.


Climate obviously plays a central role in how people behave. The Mediterranean Sea influences on the minds thanks to its mild temperatures in winter and warmth in the summer, the always sunny days bring energy and positivity to its inhabitants. And that’s how we can describe Alicante, a luminous city where one abandons its melancholy of gray days. The sun also allows you to go out all year long and to practice many outdoor activities.


What’s more to desire than a seaside just a stone’s throw from home? Enjoying magical walks on the beach, the therapeutic effect of a swim in the salty sea and the enormous offer of water sports are the real pleasures of everyday life.

Alicante is the ideal destination for water sports, which is why there is so much to offer: kayak rentals, water bikes, surf lessons, diving, sailing and more.


The Mediterranean is not only limited to the sea. It also represents its lands, its cultures, the mountain, the mouth of the rivers and the nature developing in its environment.

Thanks to the union of the plains, the mountains and the sea, Alicante offers so many magical landscapes that its beauty will leave you speechless.


Everyone knows the Mediterranean diet, one of the most popular cuisines in the world. In its dishes are combined the ingredients of local agriculture, regional products, recognized for their nutritional and health benefits.

In fact, 2018 the first Alicante Gastronomía competition will take place, a meeting where the Mediterranean lifestyle and its many advantages will be presented.

Character of its inhabitants

In general, the inhabitants of the Mediterranean coast are known for their open, hospitable and welcoming character. They are people who want to enjoy the moment, who willingly share their tables and their conversations and who enjoy the Nature.

Festivals and traditions

From this social character came the numerous popular festivals, bringing together the inhabitants in the streets of its towns and villages.

In Alicante, festivals are omnipresent. The best known of all is undoubtedly the Fires of St. John, where cardboard sculptures are burned throughout the city. Carnival, Holy Week before Easter, the Festival of Moors and Christians, the Crosses of May, the feast of Saint Nicholas and many more, make Alicante a truly festive city.

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