When we think of coastal areas sometimes it seems that the only attractions are the sun and the beach, but on most occasions the richness of the area goes far beyond. If you are considering what to do in Alicante besides going to the beach, we give you a hand! True, the Costa Blanca is one of the best areas of Spain to enjoy a day of bathing and sunshine, seasoned with the best of Mediterranean food, but also has a rich cultural heritage and many activities to enjoy, ready to know what you can Do in Alicante?

1. Enjoy water sports

Do you know what to do in Alicante, on your beach, but not just bathing? Water Sports! Thanks to the quality of the kilometres of coastline you can do different types of aquatic activities that you will love. If you feel like releasing a little adrenaline a great option is to rent jet skis. Whether you’ve ever handled one as if you’re already an expert is a perfect choice to spend a bit of fun. If you feel like doing something quieter, another thing to do in Alicante is paddle surfing. This variation of surfing is a much quieter sport and also for the whole family. You can enjoy it in the different coves of the area, is to go standing in a large tables and go paddling. You just have to catch the trick!

2. Hiking trails You can do in Alicante

If you like sport, but not so much water, hiking trails are another of the best choices you have in the city and in areas close to it. One of the walks you can not miss is that takes you straight to visit the castle of Santa Barbara. You can ascend enjoying, on the one hand, the views of the castle and, on the other, the coast and the city you leave behind, a real luxury! You can also have fun with this type of activity in areas such as Calpe, Dénia and Orihuela. As you can see, knowing what to do in Alicante is easy if you are looking for experts.

3. Discovering the archaeological richness of the area

And… what to do in Alicante if you do not like the sport? Although doing some exercise is very good for your health, if you are not very active or you feel like resting, we recommend that you visit the different archaeological sites that you can find in the area. It is one of the richest places in Spain in terms of remains of different civilizations. You can enjoy Lucentum, as it was called the city, corresponding to the Iberian-Roman era of the 4th century. Do you know what to do in Alicante in an almost obligatory way? Visit L´Illeta dels Banyets (La Isleta), just 9 kilometres from Alicante, where you can differentiate through the remains the occupation of different towns that inhabited the area. A Luxury heritage!

4. Visit museums

Another of the great riches of the area are its many museums. In them you will be able to discover not only the different cultures that inhabited the area, like for example in the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Alicante, also to enjoy the contemporary art in the MACA or of the local artists in the MuBAG. Do you know what to do in Alicante with children? This seems an ideal option because some of its museums are interactive and can enjoy while learning, you never have to pass the opportunity to learn something interesting.

5. Know the city walking through its streets

What to do in Alicante to get to know her better? Walk the streets! Many times when we traveled to a place we were so alone on the road that leads from the beach to the hotel and vice versa. Don’t do that in this town! We recommend that you pass through its streets, discover buildings like the main theatre of Alicante, in which you could even enjoy a work at a good price and especially that you visit the district of Santa Cruz, you will love sure! You know what to do in Alicante and enjoy the beach! Now you just have to visit it, enjoy these activities and totally fall in love with the city. Also, when you discover the flats in central in central Alicante at immosol.com, you don’t want to be anywhere else!