Life in this part of Spain offers endless advantages to both its visitors and its residents and, without a doubt, its gastronomy is one of those benefits. If you are wondering where to eat in Orihuela Costa we will give you some keys for you to enjoy all the flavors offered by the area.

We are fortunate to have a cultural variety that positively affects several aspects, this being one of them. Thanks to this, you can enjoythe best dishes from different countries without leaving the same locality, you can travel with your palate!

Where to eat in Orihuela Costa, in the variety is the taste

To start opening mouth we give you a summary of the flavors that you can enjoy in the area, there are all tastes and many places you will find them near the best beaches of Orihuela, so you can enjoy a wonderful day from start to finish. Ready to plan a great day?

1. Mediterranean cuisine

We couldn’t exclude typical Mediterranean cuisine when we talked about where to eat in Orihuela Costa. The region has dishes that you will enjoy from start to finish, but not only that, but also from all the countries of this geographical framework, such as Italian or Greek cuisine.

Another great advantage of taking this type of cuisine, or even from any other, is the quality of the food you can find on the coast. From fish to produce from the garden many will be grown or fished in the area, so the taste is guaranteed.

Imagine the good salads, fish, meats, olive oil, cheeses and all the good top-notch products that the region gives. Of course, going to a Mediterranean restaurant offers you a menu that you know full of quality food.

2. Indian

If you dare with the spicy, spices and flavors that will leave your taste buds satisfied and you keep wondering where to eat in Orihuela Costa is that you have not thought about Indian cuisine.

The good thing about this cuisine is also that it has many dishes that are suitable for vegetarians, so its offer can be worth it for everyone. For example, Kashmiri Aloo Dum is a vegetarian potato-based dish, but another diner might enjoy the typical Tandoori chicken and both would be more than satisfied.

3. Asian-fusion

If you want Asian cuisine but you are not able to decide why variant of all and do not know where to eat in Orihuela Costa, we propose one of therestaurants of Asian-fusion cuisine.

If one person likes noodles, other curry prawns and another person a vegetarian menu, such a restaurant may be your best choice. Of course finding places with varied menu for all tastes and quality food is simple.

4. Grills

Another of the options that always triumphs are the steakhouses, perfect for the most carnivorous customers, if you do not know where to eat in Orihuela Costa you have several of these restaurants at your disposal. Best of all? The variety within them. Keep in mind that a steakhouse doesn’t have to be a “typical barbecue” even though we like that option too.

Roast meat is not owned by a single country, so in this aspect you can find Argentine, Uruguayan, Brazilian or Spanish steakhouses and you can taste not only the delicious meat, also typical accompaniments of those countries, for example fried banana, which give a totally different taste to the experience.

As you can see, you have a speck of options, now you just have to decide where to eat in Orihuela Costa, although our recommendation is that you try them all! Then you can tell us your favorite.

As we said at the beginning, living in this area is a privilege thanks to the climate, the beaches, the people, the gastronomy and many other things that you can discover if you live in one of the luxury villas in Orihuela Costa from In the luxury villas on Palm Beach I of Immosol you will find the quality you are looking for to enjoy your family life in a dream setting.