Torrevieja is a city that never ceases to amaze, being a very desirable destination for many locals and foreigners. It is located on the Costa Blanca, in the province of Alicante, and is very well connected with the rest of the country. Here are some of the reasons why Spaniards and foreigners choose to live in Torrevieja Spain:

It is delightful to live by the sea

This is one of the main reasons why people are looking for a property in Torrevieja. Living by the sea brings with it a series of great advantages, such as enjoying a good climate that is really healthy. You can also enjoy both the beach and its beautiful promenades, which can be explored on foot or by bicycle. real estate torrevieja In addition, the beaches of the Costa Blanca in general and Torrevieja specifically are among the best in Spain. Many of them fly the Blue Flag, European recognition for cleanliness, water quality and services. On the beaches of Torrevieja residents and tourists can enjoy bathing or doing a variety of water sports such as kayaking, paddle surfing, kite surfing, diving, etc..

The weather is unique

The sea is best enjoyed in warm climates, and Torrevieja is no exception. The temperature is one of the things that most like about this place, and living in Torrevieja in winter is also quite comfortable because the winters are not cold and allow you to enjoy walks along the coast. Then in summer the days are warm and allow you to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle to the fullest. It is a perfect climate for those who like to enjoy sunny days outdoors.

Here prices are low

Although it is a city that attracts many eyes, the prices are quite affordable for many. In fact, many choose to buy their second home in Torrevieja. The prices are very varied, both for the area where you live and for the type of property, depending on whether it is an apartment, duplex, bungalow, chalet, etc. In short, most properties bought in Torrevieja are for individuals and families who want to spend their summers in an ideal environment with all services and close to golf courses, shopping centers, and a unique natural park: Las Salinas de Torrevieja and La Mata, with its impressive Laguna Rosa.

It is a modern city

Another reason to live in Torrevieja is the modernity of the city. This is mainly because it is a city that is in the process of growth, due to its location and the large number of people who come to visit and live in it. It is therefore a modern city, with everything necessary to welcome its tourists and its inhabitants. Moreover, multiculturalism reigns here and the different languages can be heard in the streets and read on the signs. real estate alicante torrevieja

Su gastronomía es exquisita

When you are going to visit a city or you intend to live in it, you should take into account that its gastronomy is as healthy and varied as possible. If you do not take into account good eating, then you may have health problems and you will not be happy. Luckily the gastronomy of Torrevieja is one of the most varied and delicious. Another advantage of having such good gastronomy is that there is no longer any obligation to cook, because there are many restaurants where you can eat and have a good time in the company of your loved ones. In addition to this, the city has a large number of bars and nightclubs where you can spend a pleasant evening with friends.

Wide variety of leisure activities

Living in Torrevieja or being on vacation in this city also gives the opportunity to perform great leisure activities, as being close to the sea have increased the variety of water sports offered. In Torrevieja you can enjoy a high level of sports life, as there are many sports facilities, golf courses and entertainment centers. For golf lovers, for example, Torrevieja has several golf clubs such as Golf Club Villamartin, Greenland or Las Ramblas Golf Club. And as for water sports, for kite surfing lovers for example, the city has several days of waves and wind that can be used to practice this sport. In addition to this, here you can find interesting places to walk and enjoy the scenery.


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