One more year we have been present at the International Real Estate Show in Madrid and we could not be more proud of the result, not only for the interest and acceptance that both individuals and collaborating agencies showed for Immosol at SIMA 2019, also for the overall success that the adition has had.

According to data from the organization, the fair has brought together 309 companies, this figure being 8% higher than that of the last edition. In turn, the facilities have been attended by a total of 19,800 visitors, so you can conclude the success of the fair and the rise of it one more year. Visitors who came to meet Immosol at SIMA 2019 were able to enjoy the presentation of our new promotions, do you want to know what they are?

Immosol at SIMA 2019: presentation of the new promotions

One of the promotions we had the pleasure of showing visitors was Laguna Beach Resort, in Torrevieja. In it you can enjoy both magnificent bungalows that delight the attendees, as well as the Laguna Beach Resort villas of Immosol that are, once again, the sample of the search for excellence of Grupo Immosol.

We also had the pleasure of showing what Sunny Hills Resort will look like, a new development in Benidorm-Finestrat that is also composed of villas and bungalows. The buildings will have all the luxury of details and a design that undoubtedly enchanted visitors at the Immosol stand at SIMA 2019.

Finally, the design, the location at the foot of the beach in Torrevieja and the qualities of the Miramar Building enchanted everyone who approached to know this promotion of apartments. Eye-catching for the design and views the visitors to the fair really liked.

Being able to share our work with you is essential, as well as being able to learn and follow technological innovations in the sector thanks to this type of events. Couldn’t you come to meet Immosol at SIMA 2019? Don’t worry, we’re looking forward to the next edition to get back to attending and being close to you.