The most impressive beaches of El Campello

El Campello is a village in the province of Alicante, just 13 kilometres from the capital, in the region of the Huerta de Alicante. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful in the area and along the entire Mediterranean coast. It is worth visiting and getting to know it. And above all to enjoy its beaches as it has a good amount of them, as it has more than 20 kilometres of coastline in its municipal district. Today we are going to tell you the best beaches and coves in El Campello so you can choose the one you like best.
In El Campello you have at your disposal large and spacious beaches with all services, such as Muchavista y CarrerlaMarThere are two types of beaches, with everything you need to enjoy bathing and with Blue Flag status, and other much smaller ones, with fewer services, but with great charm and greater tranquillity.

Blue Flag beaches in El Campello

These two are the "jewels in the crown" of the beaches and coves of El Campello. Muchavista and CarrerlaMar are the largest and best known. Both have the Blue Flag quality mark and that's why they have it.

Carrerlamar Beach

Carrerlamar is one of the largest beaches in El Campello. It is about 3 kilometres long, similar to Muchavista. Between the two beaches they cover about 40% of the total beach area of El Campello. Very fine sandy beach and transparent waters, the stay is quite comfortable and relaxed. Like Muchavista, although it is one of the best known and busiest, its size allows you to have space available even in the summer months.
It has also been granted the BLUE FLAG It has long been a quality beach and has all kinds of services available: lifeguard, sunshade and sun lounger hire, disabled access, etc. Nearby is the seafront promenade where you can enjoy a wide range of restaurants to round off your day at the beach.

Muchavista Beach

More than 3 kilometres long and a hundred kilometres wide, it is the largest in the town. It is also the busiest, of course. It is usually the beach of choice for large families with children. Its environment is ideal to spend the whole day with everything you need.

On the one hand, it is very comfortable to stand on the sand, as it is a fine sandy beach. Moreover, although it is the most frequented, the truth is that its size means that you don't feel crowded, even in the high summer season.

It has all kinds of services such as lifeguard and security, lifeguard post and access for reduced mobility. You can also find sun loungers and parasols for hire.

If we talk about the bathroom or the WATER SPORTS you have several options available to complete the day of activities in the sea for any age. And as you also have to stop for lunch, don't worry, the area is full of restaurants and bars where you can eat, as well as a beach bar during the summer months.

Can Beaches in El Campello

There are two beaches in the town that allow dogs, so if you have a dog, these are for you.

Barranc d'Aigües Beach

In the Barranc d'Aigües beach There is an area where you can be with your dogs without any problems and with easy access. It is a small pebble beach, so footwear is recommended for your stay there. On the other hand, it is a fairly quiet beach and not very busy, so you can enjoy a perfect day out with your pet.

Punta del Riu Beach

At Punta del Riu you can access with your dog all year round. Like the previous beach of Barranc d'Aigües, it is a small but quiet beach, just what you need to enjoy a nice day with your doggy companion.

Other Beaches in El Campello

The offer of beaches in El Campello does not end here. Although they are not as big as Muchavista or CarrerlaMar, there are many others, smaller and quieter, that are worth visiting. All of them are well communicated and easily accessible.

Almadrava Beach

It is perhaps the third largest after the two blue flag beaches we have already told you about. About 500 metres of fine sand combined with small pebbles.

Amerador Beach

It is quite similar to Almadrava, in shape and size. Well communicated and with an acceptable occupation all year round. Long and narrow but quite comfortable.

Beaches for water sports in El Campello

We will now explain the best beaches in El Campello to enjoy a day at the beach and water sports at the same time. You have several options. We will tell you about them.

Illeta dels Banyets or Baños de la Reina (Queen's Baths)

For scuba diving or snorkelling Perhaps one of the best places to visit are the coves of the access breakwater to the Illeta dels Banyets or the Queen's baths. The underwater views of the area are quite beautiful and full of local aquatic species.

La Nuza Beach

It is also quite good for scuba diving thanks to the two large rocks that delimit it. In addition, these two rocks protect it from the swell and that makes it a good place to dive. very quiet beach and peaceful.

Llop Mari Cove

A small, quiet cove where snorkelling is highly recommended.

More coves and beaches in El Campello

And to complete the offer we mention other beaches and coves in El Campello:

  • Nostra Cove. Quiet beach with low occupancy.
  • Morro Blanc Cove. Small and quiet with a good choice of restaurants in the area.
  • Carritxal Cove. Quiet cove with very few people all year round.
  • Cala d'Enmig or Coveta Fumá. Three small coves joined together, each made of a different material.
  • Las Palmeretes. It has an area of palm trees that gives it its name.
  • Piteres Cove. Quiet beach with a comfortable wooded area.

If you are close to El Campello you might like to visit the best beaches in Alicante.

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