The old town of Benidorm

Benidorm is considered one of the most touristic cities in the province of Alicante and the whole of the Spanish Levante. It is considered the tourism capital of the whole Valencian Community and, in fact, it is nicknamed the New York of the Mediterranean because of its huge skyscrapers, most of which are used for tourism. Today we are going to tell you what to see in the old town of Benidorm.
Benidorm, before becoming the important tourist centre it is today full of skyscrapers and leisure facilities, was a small, typically Mediterranean fishing village. That is why in the old town We can still enjoy this style in its streets and emblematic buildings. The old town of Benidorm is located between the Plaza Triangular Square and Elche Park.
The old town of Benidorm is an ideal place to get in touch with the most deeply-rooted traditions of this town. Among its houses, which still remind us of the fishing origins of the town, we can find some emblematic buildings, most of them dating from the mid-20th century, as points of tourist interest.
For example, we can find Elche Park at one end. This park is also known as the pigeon park. You can imagine why, this park is usually full of flocks of pigeons that are usually sheltered by the fountain. In this park we can find numerous benches and swings as well as walking areas, and we can stroll in the shade of the palm trees.
We can also find the Church of St. James and St. AnneThis is the most important church in the city, where the image of the patron saint of the city, the Virgen del Sufragio, can be found. This church dates back to the 18th century and is located next to the Plaza del Castillo. Many of the typical events of the city's Fiestas Patronales take place next to this church because the image of the patron saint of Benidorm is located there. It stands out for its large blue dome typical of Mediterranean architecture.

Plaza del Castillo and Balcón del Mediterráneo

As mentioned above, the Castle Square let's tell you about it. Here was the castle of Benidorm. Yes, it was here because it no longer exists, it was knocked down by the cannons of the English ships during the war of succession.
It was located on a rocky outcrop in the sea called Punta de Canfali. It is undoubtedly one of the typical postcards from Benidorm for its charm and history. Nowadays, in this same Plaza del Castillo, we can see a memorial with 4 cannons that remind us of what happened in the past at this point: the defence of the city. Even so, we can still see at some points, small pieces of the old defensive walls.
This spot is also an important commercial and cultural point, especially in summer, when "Les nits al Castell" is held here, where, at night, numerous stalls selling paintings, handicrafts, caricatures, etc. are set up. You can even enjoy some live music.
From the Plaza del Castillo we can access the Balcony of the Mediterranean or Benidorm Viewpointone of the typical postcards of the city. A staircase leads to a circular balcony surrounded by a typical white balustrade from which we can see the whole Mediterranean. On the floor we can see the Rosa de los Vientos. It is certainly the point of Benidorm from where we can enjoy the most typical and beautiful views of the city. Both during the day and at night we will see a calm blue sea dotted with boats of all kinds.

Pedestrian Old Town

Most of the old town of Benidorm is pedestrianised, quiet and sunny streets (Benidorm has 3000 hours of sunshine a year). With streets such as Paseo de la Carretera, Calle Alameda or Ruzafa. You can find all kinds of shops, from large chain shops to typical shops selling local gastronomic products and handicrafts.
There is also an area of bars The tapas area, known as the Basque area, perhaps owes its name to the tapas and pinchos on offer in almost every bar we enter. Another area known as El Callejón is more of a nightlife area, with bars and pubs adapted for nightlife.
Attached to the OLD TOWN we can find the port area. A place that we will have to visit. In addition to discovering an area with many boats (obvious) we will also find an interesting gastronomic offer. We can also take a boat trip to typical areas of the city such as Benidorm Island.

Benidorm Geyser, inactive

As another anecdotal and historical fact about the old town of Benidorm we are going to tell you about the Benidorm Geyser. It was a water geyser that could shoot water up to a height of over a hundred metres. It started operating in 1986 and was the first artificial geyser in Spain. It was located on the Mal Pas beach and could be seen perfectly from the Mirador del Mediterraneo.
Although it was very beautiful and eye-catching, it had to be deactivated because the artificial water projected into the geyser was causing damage to the rocks in the area and damaging the ecosystem, as well as causing some electrical problems in nearby buildings. For this reason it had to cease to be used and there are no plans, for the time being, to restore it in the near future.
From the Plaza del Castillo we can access several streets of the OLD TOWN and continue to discover its quiet cobbled streets, although they are usually full of people. Old buildings will mix with much more modern facades. No doubt you will clearly perceive the rapid transition from a small coastal town to the big city that Benidorm has become, remember, the New York of the Mediterranean. The tourist capital of the Valencian Community.

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