What is Terra Mitica and where is it?

What is Terra Mitica and its main attractions?

Terra Mitica is located in Benidorm (Province of Alicante) It is one of the Spain's most important theme parks and has five themed areas, which we will explain later.

All of them are set in ancient civilisations that settled in the Mediterranean: Greece, Rome and Egypt, Iberia and The Islands, each with their own shows and attractions. Today we will tell you more about Terra Mitica and, above all, its main attractions.

Terra Mitica is located in the northern part of Benidorm in the Marina Baixa area of Alicante and was inaugurated in 2000, making it 20 years old.

Terra Mitica Services

Terra Mitica is not just for one day, although you can, of course. But it is advisable to spend more than one day to fully enjoy all the shows and attractions. That's why we recommend you some options to sleep during your stay.

It must be said that at Terra Mitica you can stay in the Hotel Gran LuxorThe park is also themed and set in the philosophy of the park, so your experience will be quite complete if you like to immerse yourself 100% in the history and mythology of the Mediterranean. It has 4 stars and all kinds of services including two outdoor swimming pools, mini golf, spa, children's playgrounds and 5 restaurants.

You can also stay overnight in three other hotels next to the park:

  • Asia GardenFive-star hotel with a Thai cultural ambience and seven active pools.
  • Magic Natura. Terra Natura park, right next door and with four stars.
  • Meliá VillaitanaThe four-star hotel is set in a traditional Mediterranean village. It has swimming pools, spa, golf course and 6 restaurants.

As far as tickets for Terra Mitica are concerned, you have several options available. offers and types of tickets. You can get full-day tickets, afternoon tickets (from 15:00) and family packs for adults and children. However, when it comes to offers, it is best to consult the park's website directly, as it depends on the season and time of year.

To complete your stay and enjoyment of Terra Mitica, we would like to tell you that the restaurant and venue offers for lunch or dinner is varied. It suits all culinary tastes and budgets.

There are several fast-food outlets where you can even take your food with you, as well as other more expensive restaurants where you can eat comfortably seated, such as the Confort: Appian Way in the Rome area.

Getting to Terra Mitica

Terra Mítica has various forms of transport and ways of accessing the Park. We will tell you about them:

The main road access is on the exit 65A of the A-7 motorway although there are other accesses from the N-330, the N-332 and the N-340. At the main entrance there is a parking area where you can park your vehicle, although there is a charge.

As far as public transport is concerned, you have at your disposal city buses from BenidormThe bus lines 1 and 3 will drop you off at the entrance of the park itself.

Ticket prices

Low season

TypeBox Office PriceOnline Price
Adult (+ 12 years)39€34€
Junior (from 4 to 12 years old)28€25€
Senior (over 65 years old)28€25€
Functional diversity20€

High season

TypeBox Office PriceOnline Price
Adult (+ 12 years)49€44€
Junior (from 4 to 12 years old)35€32€
Senior (over 65 years old)35€32€
Functional diversity24€

If you want to buy your tickets you can do it through the Terra Mitica website.

Terra Mitica attractions

And let's move on to the most important part of the park: the attractions and shows. Terra Mitica has a multitude of themed shows and more than 25 attractions different. The main attraction is the park's themed atmosphere, something that will certainly not disappoint you, both in the rides and the shows.

The highlight of the park is its themed areas. In each of them, the scenography of the shows and the decoration of all the rides and attractions is very well done. This is something that Terra Mítica takes great care in. If you have a predilection for any of them, you will certainly like them, although we recommend you to visit them all and enjoy large doses of fun for which you will need more than a full day.

Many of the shows are seasonal or change over time, so surprises are guaranteed.

We explain some of the most important attractions:

  • Argos Rapids. It's a great route at the end of which you're sure to come out wet. You recreate the mythical journey of Jason and the Argonauts in ancient Greece.
  • Nile River Falls. Riding on a sarcophagus of the Egyptian Pharaoh you can enjoy several falls, one of them on your back. The water is guaranteed.
  • Triton's Fury. A Splash with two falls, one of 10 metres and the other of 16 metres in the Greece area.
  • The Rescue of Ulysses. Another water journey centred on the search for Ulysses by his son Telemachus. Very well acclimatised and the scenery is very well done.
  • Tornado. A swivel chair attraction.
  • Synkope. It is a pendulum that swings and swings at a speed of 90 kilometres per hour. At the ends of the ride you will be at 120 degrees to the ground.
  • The flight of the Phoenix. You will feel the free fall at a height of 56 metres and a speed of 80 km/h. Nice views of Benidorm when you get to the top but... then a spectacular fall awaits you.
  • Titanide. A roller coaster with a height of 31 metres and a speed of 90 km and 5 inversions.
  • The Labyrinth of the Minotaur. It is a "dark ride" in vehicles and you will carry laser crossbows with which you will have to kill various creatures to defeat the Minotaur. It is located in the Greek area and recreates the labyrinth in which Theseus defeated the dreaded Minotaur.
  • Inferno. Another roller coaster. It is short but intense as the seats rotate on themselves throughout the ride.

We can also mention Magnus ColossusThe roller coaster is a great roller coaster in the Rome area but is currently undergoing maintenance.

Without a doubt, if you want to have a good time, Terra Mitica is the ideal place. You will probably need more than one day to enjoy all its wonders. Not only for the fun of the attractions but also for the atmosphere of the shows and all its corners. An experience not to be missed.

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