Do you plan to visit Orihuela soon? Then you’re in luck because it’s one of those magical places to visit on the Costa Blanca. You can find plenty of things to do, whether you go alone, as a couple, or best of all, with the little ones of the house. To make the most of a family holiday, we invite you to discover what to do in Orihuela with children and we assure you that it pass great!

What to do with children in Orihuela: outdoor routes

Thanks to the good weather that is enjoyed throughout the year in this part of Spain it is very easy to be able to do a multitude of outdoor activities, but we will not recommend the typical activities on the beach, you know that you can enjoy it!

Visit the La Pedrera Reservoir

To start and you know what to do in Orihuela with children, and although at first do not sound very tempting, we propose to visit the reservoir of La Pedrera. You can easily go by car, and you will be fascinated to find it with its turquoise waters in the middle of the countryside. Of course it is a beautiful picture to be able to make a family photo, to enjoy a walk on the shores of the reservoir and enjoy an activity all together, don’t you think?

Enjoy the views from the Cruz de la Muela

This is one of the plans that we think is fundamental to know what to do in Orihuela with children, because of course, it is worth visiting the Cruz de la Muela and witnessing an amazing landscape. It is a route with little drop, so it is affordable for everyone, you can stop halfway and enjoy an outdoor meal, but of course the best comes when you reach the cross, from where you can delight with beautiful views of the region.

What to do in Orihuela with children: cultural activities

If you also want your children, in addition to having fun, learn some things, there is no better opportunity than this, because traveling can be learned and is often much more enjoyable and appealing to them. Do you sign up?

Cultural visit to the House-Museum of Miguel Hernández

Do not miss the opportunity to visit with your children the house in which the poet and playwright grew up to go to Madrid. Thanks to it you will not only be able to talk about the work of Miguel Hernández You can also enjoy a typical house of Orihuela of the time. His old home, which is a building with a single-storey garden, keeps photos of the family and Miguel himself, is an opportunity you can not miss when you think what to do in Orihuela with children.

Learn to discover the Cathedral of Orihuela and the heritage

Another of the opportunities that Orihuela offers us to continue learning comes thanks to the visit of the cathedral. This, which was built between the 13th and 15th centuries, is a clear and beautiful example of the Valencian Gothic art that spread over the area and is evident in many constructions. It is something peculiar to teach them, where you can take advantage of explaining them or the historical context in which the construction was developed, or the particularities of the artistic currents of the time, either the Gothic or Renaissance art that was emerging. In addition to this beautiful bill construction You can also enjoy the concathedral of San Juan de Bari or the castle of Orihuela, the latter, something you can certainly not miss when you make your plans in Orihuela with children.

 What to do in Orihuela with children: games for all

If you have entertained all together by visiting the beautiful heritage, we should move on to some more moved activities to spend an unsurpassed holiday in Orihuela, and that as a rule, children usually enjoy a lot.

Family Day at the AquaPark Ciudad Quesada

Of course a water park is something to visit if only once, children (and also older) have a great time playing in the water and is ideal when you visit Orihuela in summer. The facilities have different pools so it is perfect for all ages, and most importantly, will you be able to pull the higher slides? We know that the kids do! You know what to do in Orihuela with children, especially in the hot season, but you will also enjoy as a child!

Diving activities

Do you know what to do with children in Orihuela and that few people pose? Scuba Diving! It is a beautiful activity but sometimes we think that too difficult but in reality the children can also make it. Sometimes we have it as a dangerous concept, but you don’t really need to immerse yourself much to enjoy the seabed and an experience that children don’t usually forget. In fact, usually when they try it they always want to repeat.

Download Adrenaline with Karting

To download some adrenaline nothing better to experience some speed with a karting track. If you have already tried surely want to enjoy it again, and if you have never done is a perfect plan to do in Orihuela with children. Indeed this is not an activity for the little ones, but if you have children a little more grown sure they love it, and you too! However, next door there is usually a fair that for the most chiquitines is perfect, they will have a great time with activities to your needs, so, in the end, you all have something to have fun in Orihuela! You know what to do in Orihuela with children! We hope you want to do some of these activities if you are going to visit soon, and if you even plan to move to this area, why not live in the best place possible? For that we also have the answer, a villa in Orihuela Costa of is the ideal home to enjoy a full life, do not know yet?