In addition to dreamy beaches, leisure, atmosphere, good weather and lots of places nearby to visit, in this city we can eat and, in addition, very well, do you want to know where to go tapas in Benidorm? Well, read on!

The typical Mediterranean cuisine that you can find in the costa Blanca area will be present in many of the beach bars or restaurants of the city. However, if you go, there is something you can’t miss and it’s the tapas area for Benidorm.

Even, it’s not that you can go tapas, you can go pintxos, yes, just as you read it, and we’re going to tell you the peculiarities right now.

Don’t be alone on the beach, visit the tapas area in Benidorm!

1. Where can I go?

If you want to go tapas in Benidorm and enjoy the best pintxos, you only have to go to the Basque area. Yes! On the coast of Costa Blanca you have an area called that. It is said that it is because the people of northern Spain, in search of the good weather, traveled to Benidorm to enjoy the weather.

In this way, many of the bars in the area accommodated their menu with pintxos characteristic of this area so that visitors could taste them there as well. To do this, you only have to visit the area of Calle Santo Domingo and go from bar to bar enjoying good food, you will be more than satisfied!

In the area of Casco Viejo in the city you also have a lot of small bars to go to enjoy some good wines and delicious tapas by Benidorm.

2. What can I drink?

Everything from the pocket of each one, but the bars in this area have great products. In matters of wine you can, of course, find very good wines to enjoy accompanied by the best tapas in Benidorm.

You won’t have any trouble finding wines with Denomination of Origin, for example, Ribera del Duero or Rioja, to accompany the best skewers offered by the bars in these alleys of the city.

For beer lovers as an accompaniment drink, they won’t have to worry either. Just as you can find domestically made drinks, you’ll also find different imported beers for your palate to enjoy. You can enjoy tapas in Benidorm with the accompaniment you like the most.

3. What can I eat?

Now comes the most important thing, the food, and best of all, when you discover the Area of the Basques when you go tapas in Benidorm you will see the great gastronomic variety that is in the area.

In a matter of skewers you can find almost everything from a good ham, anchovies, mussels or cheese, passed by more elaborate ones. In tapas you can order in the different places of the area almost what you imagine, rice, Galician octopus, a good steak, fresh fish, seafood, there is so much variety that it is impossible not to hit!

Many people who visit the area because of the good weather do not know that going tapas around Benidorm is certainly one of the main recommendations they will have. Those who are finally made here with their residence, as for example in the villas in Benidormde, we are sure that they would give us as one of the reasons of moving tapas through Benidorm.

If you also want to enjoy the good weather, gastronomy and good atmosphere, do not hesitate to discover the townhouses in Benidorm de Immosol, we build your dreams in the areas that help fulfill them.