Where to eat in Torrevieja

The best places to eat in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is characterised by its beautiful beachesits beautiful landscapes with such spectacular places as the Pink Lagoonto name but a few. But it is also worth mentioning its varied and unbeatable gastronomic offer and a wide variety of restaurants to enjoy a good meal. Today we are going to give you some advice about where to eat in Torrevieja.

The typical food of Torrevieja

If you visit Torrevieja you can't miss the different typical rice dishes of the area, especially the "arroz de caldero" made with different types of fish.

Also the traditional paella in TorreviejaThe local cuisine, so well known in the area that you can actually find a wide variety depending on the restaurant where you order it, but respecting some basic elements.

It is also a good idea to enjoy a wide range of tapas typical of this area, where the most popular dishes are the seafood and fish of the area. Seafood and fresh fish is undoubtedly one of the strong points of Torrevieja's gastronomy. The town's fishing origins and the presence of a large fishing fleet in the area, as well as its food market, must have something to do with this.

But above all, don't worry if you have a preference for other types of food. Torrevieja has a varied offer of fast food places, tapas bars, places for a daily menu or specialised food such as vegetarian or Japanese food. You can choose what suits you best at any time.

The best restaurants in Torrevieja

And without further ado we recommend some of the best restaurants in Torrevieja so you can enjoy the best food in the area. In them you will find the best place to eat rice in Torrevieja. You will also have options for all price ranges, from more expensive restaurants to cheap places to eat in Torrevieja.

Traditional cuisine restaurants in Torrevieja

Here is a list of some of the restaurants in Torrevieja where you can enjoy traditional rice dishes and paellas or fish and seafood from the area. Also dishes from other areas of Spain.

  • Bar and Fishing Torrevieja. This is one of the best places to eat fish dishes, with very cheap prices in relation to the quality offered.
  • Restaurant El Pescador. A centrally located restaurant specialising in fish and rice dishes typical of the area. It was awarded as one of the best Spanish restaurants in the Campsa guide of 1996.
  • New Palco Restaurant. Grill specialising in Spanish food, tapas, sandwiches and portions.
  • El Mesón de la Costa. Typical Mediterranean inn with traditional decoration. Specialising in fish dishes.
  • Restaurant Vela Centro Torrevieja. Located next to the sea, extensive menu of Mediterranean cuisine and a good selection of wines. Large terrace with sea views.
  • Restaurant La Huertica. A place where they serve more than fifty tapas. They also serve grilled meats and traditional cuisine.
  • Mesón Villasalada. Specialising in local seafood and paellas and grilled meats. Traditional local cuisine. They have a playground for children.
  • Las Villas Restaurant. A restaurant specialising in products from the Huerta Murciana and meats from Galicia and Avila. Good wine list.
  • Restaurant Los Cucalos. A traditional restaurant specialising in local rice dishes. Ideal to go with children as they have a bouncy castle area and entertainment for the little ones.
  • The best tapas in Torrevieja. You can't miss some restaurants and taverns specialising in tapas, sandwiches or snacks to enjoy a more varied meal and try more flavours accompanied by a good drink. Here are a few of them.
  • Subway Restaurant Torrevieja. It is a fast food chain specialising in sandwiches, sandwiches, portioned pizzas and salads.
  • Tapería Plaza Vieja. Specialising in tapas and raciones, it is one of the establishments located in the centre of Torrevieja, specifically in the Plaza Vieja, hence its name.
  • El Rincón de las Jarras. Also in the city centre, traditional Torrevieja food with special quality and variety in the tapas.
  • Tasca Nueva Bahía. A good bar specialising in a variety of tapas where they also boast of serving a good selection of cold meats and cheeses from Castilla y León.
  • International food. In our wide selection of restaurants and bars to eat in Torrevieja, there is no lack of international cuisine. In this aspect the city is especially rich. It must be taken into account that it is a very touristic area and that thousands of foreigners visit every year. Many of them settle in the city bringing their culture and gastronomy and some of them decide to establish their businesses in the city. Here are just a few of the wide range of such establishments on offer.
  • Restaurant El Charro Negro. Specialising in Mexican food and nicely decorated to make you feel at home in this Central American country.
  • Umami Restaurant. Japanese food and fusion with local Spanish cuisine. It offers takeaway food.
  • Helmsman Belchica. Another restaurant specialising in international cuisine, in this case Belgian food in the heart of Torrevieja.
  • Christopher's Restaurant. One more focused on international food of quite high quality. They also organise different events such as dance and music nights or specialised menus depending on the time of year.
  • Restaurant Pizza N1. Next to the Playa del Cura beach, it is one of the most popular Italian restaurants and one of the most visited by the public.

Different and original restaurants

Innovation and originality are becoming more and more important in the kitchen. Also experimentation with new types of products and flavours, as well as the blending of different gastronomic cultures to give rise to a new concept of cuisine. This is what is called fusion food. And in Torrevieja we also have an interesting offer in this sense. We believe it is a good way to close this selection of restaurants with:
Fusion Restaurant
The fusion restaurant is an ideal blend of Japanese sushi, grilled meats and oriental cuisine. It is also famous for its creative cocktails. A recommended place to visit in the La Mata beach area.

If you want to go for a nice walk around the city after lunch, we have for you the most important places in Torrevieja.

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