Who pays IBI on new buildings? Everything you need to know

new construction

What is IBI?

IBI liability in a new building

When is IBI paid?

IBI exemptions

Which is better to buy new or second hand?

  • New works allow customisation of the design and have the most modern installations and finishes. In addition to the peace of mind of having a brand new home and not having to worry about initial maintenance, with a 10-year structure insurance.
  • New work is in proportion, much more economical than second hand as buying off-plan has the incentive of a lower price to make it worth the wait.
  • We can choose a good area in expansion.
  • We will avoid refurbishment costs.
  • Many promoters, They also offer the possibility of including furniture, swimming pools, jacuzzis, domotics, lights, air conditioning. So, we can have a brand new house with everything ready to move in, a real luxury!

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